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Banking Solutions

Banking Solutions

Professional Computer Services (PCS) Solutions drives revenue generation, performance and efficiency improvements for financial institutions.


PCS Mutual Fund Suite is unquestionably the leading choice for the distribution of Mutual Funds. It comprises a series of modules that address the needs of banks and Mutual Fund Management Companies like:

PCS Portfolio Management module includes among others management of any kind of investment products in any currency, parametric definition and categorization of such products, daily evaluation, central bank reporting, interaction with other systems (i.e. Bloomberg, reuters etc)  and  investment limits.

PCS Fund Management module aligns and integrates the front office (traders), middle office (settlement & confirmation) and back office (accounting) processes.

PCS Unit Holders module facilitates the management of subscription/redemption applications, the monitoring of composite Mutual Funds, informing of the Mutual Fund holder at all levels Mutual Fund’s Performance and much more.

PCS General Ledger module covers the accounting needs and includes parametric definition of accounting chart, online-real time monitoring of accounts, customer & supplier management, central authorities reporting, budgeting, management and issuance of certified statements and other.

PCS Mutual Fund Suite also includes the following for supporting fully the Mutual Fund Management Company’s activities: PCS Custody, PCS Salesmen, PCS Unit Link, PCS Foreign Mutual Funds, PCS e-Mutual Funds B2B & B2C, PCS Auditing &Security.

PCS Custody is a state-of-art solution that covers fully the Custodial Operations providing almost limitless scalability and robust functionality.

It manages all the incoming 54X SWIFT messages. It supports the automatic insertion of SWIFT messages and encompasses easy and user-friendly procedures for discovering rejection causes. The database is automatically updated; there are plenty of print-outs with detailed and summarized information regarding the updating and the status of mandates.  Based on the status of orders, appropriate SWIFT messages of fax messages can be provided, depending on the user requirements. Dual Control exists in all fiscal transactions so as to avoid any mistakes.  All corporate Actions are supported, while producing all the appropriate SWIFT messages in each case.  It gives full coverage of all commission-related procedures to custodians, such as the commission for participation in corporate events, the safe-keeping fees etc. It provides the System Administrator with all the necessary rights and tools for the secure and seamless operation. There is special provision for the monitoring of all fields during insertion, deletion or modification of the database details.

PCS Asset Management provides real-time updates to portfolio transaction record-keeping and powerful calculation logic for reporting and pre-to-post-trade compliance. It offers portfolio monitoring where the portfolio structures are automatically updated by the manager’s investment transactions in any product (equity, bonds, derivatives, repos, swaps, etc), model portfolios that provide the ability to discover the customer’s investment profile and final direction towards a specific management model, monitoring of current cash balances and cash flow forecast and  investment scenarios. Furthermore, the PCS Asset Management system is a multilingual & multi currency applications that includes also modules that covers Auditing & Security Module, On-line alerts, On-line real time connection with the PCS General Accounting module, Commissioning and Reporting.

PCS Fund Manager is a front-end application that has an operational and user-friendly graphic environment and supports the management of portfolios such as mutual funds, institutional and private portfolios and other active management portfolios. It offers Monitoring of current cash balances and cash flow forecast and Portfolio Monitoring where the managers’ investment transactions automatically update the balances of the portfolios. Furthermore the module supports real-time portfolio valuation, portfolio valuation reports in excel and charts with percentage calculation at three levels.  A large number of investment products are supported, such as equities, bonds, derivatives, mutual fund units, repos, swaps, etc. The constraint module allows the definition of the rules, based on which instructions are checked and audited during their registration. Through the scenario module, the manager can create hypothetical portfolios or can execute virtual transactions in real portfolios, gaining all the information on the effect of each transaction in the portfolio’s structure. Furthermore, the PCS Fund Manager system is a multilingual & multi currency applications that includes also modules that covers Auditing & Security Module, On-line alerts, On-line real time connection with the back office PCS Mutual Funds Suite, Commissioning and Reporting through PCS Discover tool.