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Microsoft's new Surface Pro is only a minor upgrade, but it's still a killer alternative to a MacBook or iPad

By Matt Weinberger from Business Insider

In late 2015, Microsoft and Apple both released tablets they said could replace your laptop.

Apple's iPad Pro was a great and super-refined piece of hardware. But to me, Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 came much closer to being a laptop replacement.

History now seems like it's repeating itself.

Apple just released a new, revitalized iPad Pro. It also previewed an upgraded version of its iOS operating system that will give the new tablet additional laptoplike features.

On Thursday, Microsoft is releasing a long-awaited update to the Surface Pro 4. The new model, which starts at $799, is called, simply, the Surface Pro.

A lot has changed over the past two years. But I tested the new Surface Pro for about a week, and my take is similar: Microsoft's new device is a better bet for most people than the Apple iPad Pro.

Microsoft has refined its inspired original design. While Apple seems torn over whether to focus on tablets or computers, Microsoft's new Surface Pro is a killer device that incorporates the best of each.

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